Back on his Feet
Friday, January 9, 2015 at 12:38AM
Haris Abdul Rahman in Diary, Idlan, Lego, apartment, fever

Idlan was much better and today, both of the boys went to see the Paediatrician - right next door from the apartment - for check-up. Irfan was due for his jab as well. And he took it like a man - helped by the promise of a big tub of ice cream after that!

Idlan duly completed his Lego set - an AT-AT from Star Wars - in a single afternoon. He was having trouble getting the bricks upright but had since sorted that problem out.

Irfan devouring his tub of ice creamWhat the final product would hopefully look likeHard at itNever knew the Force is into FerrariBeing post-call, we decided to stay indoors tonight, watching TV. We just watched an episode of Downton Abbey just now while the boys were occupied in their rooms. Time for me to call it the evening as well and have some proper sleep ....

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