To Advertise of Not?

In the last couple of months, my former colleague, Sangkar and I came on an idea to have a series of Haematology lecture centered around Infection - a common problem among my patients actually. It should finally come into fruition this weekend, when the stage was set and we reckon around 70 delegates would attend. We also managed to assemble a event panel, one even coming all the way from Sabah.

I would be visiting the hall on Thursday, and hopefully things would be in order come Saturday, including the food. This would be the first time that my Unit would be organizing such an event. It would take up the whole morning, finishing after lunch - hopefully everyone would still stay put as I would be speaking last, with my colleague, PC Bee. If this turns out OK, we might be doing a few more in the future .....

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4-Hour Week

I picked up this book during my walk at KLCC during the weekend. Curious to read on about what the author meant. since I would be having a bit of a break during Ramadhan, I would have time to read on.


How was the concert

This would have been the fourth time that I attended the Sri Utama Concert. Some of the parents have been here more than ten. Amongst the four, I must say, the latest concert was definitely the best in terms of time keeping and quality. In the previous few years, the concert and dances were arranged to fit into a theme - on a rather lame storyline at times. They were simply too ambitious. This time around, everything was kept as simple as possible and the description of each of the dances we're given through a short video, to speed things up.

What we had in the end was a more pacy concert, starting - almost - on time and speeches were kept to a minimum. I rather enjoyed it actually for a change. The two boys were also centre stage. Both did very well. We hang around for a bit after their show to make sure that they were rested before leaving for lunch. Irfan really enjoyed his dance. I managed to capture them on video and for the last couple of days, that was all they have been watching on TV. I was sure they would be talking about it for the next week or so.


If I were to make a music video, this would be it!


NASA Cute Girl Mission 2018