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Another Comeback

I was too tired to wait for the game last night. Kick off at 1.30 am, with on call tomorrow, I decided to go to bed early. I was asleep in front of the TV by 11, until my boys woke me up to get to bed just after midnight. I set the alarm to catch the second half. By the time I switched the TV back on, the score was already two nil. For Aston Villa. Oh dear!

Fixed myself a drink, just about the time Chicarito halved Villa lead. His first of three. Soon after came the equaliser, a deflection off Ron Vlaar off Chicaritos shot from the back post.

United then held the giant white of possession with van Persie hitting the crossbar twice in quick succession. Both could have gone in, but it was his night I supposed. But van Persie contributed an assist shortly after. His shipped free kick headed in expertly by Chicharito, out muscling his bigger marker to get at the end of the ball. Another comeback.

It looked like we had use up out comeback chip this early in the season. And this was without playing well. We didn't dominate games like we used to, and the midfield had yet to click properly. We were also meaning at the back at a staggering rate, with de Gea still struggling with crosses.

Looking forward to tomorrow night's game as well. It would be Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. It would be a sizzler. Hopefully I would be able to catch the game. I would be on call tomorrow.

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