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The Evening Before

The excitement was clearly palpable when I arrived at Padang Astaka. The place was slowly transforming into a carnival site, with props being put up and bands doing their sounchecks. All the tents appeared to be in place, with most of the wiring and electricals in place. The damp weather clearly has not dampen the spirit off the crews. Bumped into a few people I have known from before also involved at some capacity or the other. Many friendly faces, with some of them looking at puzzled, staring at my UM tag around my neck. 

We did some on site reccy and finalising what to put up first thing tomorrow morning. Even though it was about to drizzle, the weather was still kinda muggy, reminding to take plenty of fluids tomorrow. A quick look at the weather forecast - showers, with chance of thunderstorm, but with clear, sunny intervals. I think it would be pouring first thing in the morning, but things would clear up by lunchtime. Looking forward to the party then

Bunkface doing their soundcheck

The crew pass in my bag, most of the technical staff as far as twitter and facebook were concerned for the competitions tomorrow had been sorted out. The problem I had was the limited bandwidth I was getting on my iPhone through Celcom. My Galaxy S2 seemed to be nippier on DiGi. It looked like we would have to bring along the P1 terminals and my wiggy modem just to be on the safe side, even thoughTM promised blanket Unifi coverage. Not very optimistic if the speed would hold if everybody were to log onto the network at the same time.

Just sorting out things to take to the site firs thing tomorrow morning. I would just be bringing my Mac Air alone, not the MacBook Pro as there would be a bit of a walk from the carpark to the tent, and I don’t want to be worried about leaving the laptop. I can always carry the MacAir with me everywhere I go. So, looking forward for tomorrow!

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