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Season's Trend

Earlier this month, for a kenduri at a friend’s place, I donned a batik given to me by one of my Indonesian patients. It fitted me well and the stripes were more traditional than the local ones. It looked smart but during this Raya shopping I noticed that this more traditional Batik patterns are becoming a trend.

And it was not just for mens, even the ladies this season seemed to wear these more traditional stripes with a more loosen cutting, back to the 70s fashion sense. I guess trends come in cycles.

Anita got me another pair of Batik shirt for Raya to match hers. This one also looked traditional with simple cutting. The colours also tended to be subdued, usually keeping to a single shade. For the ladies, the motif tended to be flowers.

This became really obvious when we were at #RiuhRaya recently as most of the stalls carry these themes. Anita happened to wear something similar when we was at Riuh - a loose flowery Kebaya top - not at all looking out of place. And she had a few on booking, guessing that she was ahead of the trend ...

I now realised why at the said wedding, I was invited to sit at the VIP table. I certainly dressed the part that day ....

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