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Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018 Part II

Continued from part I here.

A few things caught my eye and was worth mentioning. Nespresso didn't offer anything much and I was already familiar with their products. There was a company called Cristo which offered free machine rental as long as you order their coffee cartridges monthly. Their brew was quite good and straight forward but I've already got my Nespresso kit.

Krup machines were going quite cheap, about half price to what I've seen before. There were also discounts on prosumer coffee makers but the machines were just too complicated and I doubt that I could cope. Anita wasn't much a coffee drinker as well.

That kiosk brew me the best blend of the visitThis one was way too complicated for me ...More brewing and more sampling ...The best coffee I had was brewed by a company called Spetta. I wasn't familiar with their product but the latte they prepared for me was smooth and delicious. With enough kick to wake me up ... But I swore that the barista was Bangladeshi though from the way he was describing the product. I just couldn't get that out of my head as I left his kiosk ...

There were a few competitions going on at the time but with the activities around I lost track about what was going on.

These pastries were nice as well. But it didn't go for free ...I think the barista needed a break ...Some competitors being interviewed ...Time to go, although there were a few more events going on ...I would definitely go there again next time. Hopefully not on a post-call day. The caffeine fix I had should keep me up tonight in time for the World Cup Finals ...

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