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Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018 Part I

Since downloading Facebook Local, looking for events to attend in town during weekends were that much easier. I didn't have to plan much despite this being post-call day. Left my car a Pavilion and I took the MRT to 1Utama. And I wasn't disappointed.

Looking down at the whole event from the upper floorCristo, the Italian blend offer a subscription-based service where the machine comes freeI had a few people recommending me VCR. I didn't get to sample it this time ..This would be the first time I attended the Malaysia Coffee Fest. Not really a big event but a packed one, held at the main lobby of 1Utama new wing over four days.

This being the last day, the place was packed and the barista competition were teaching the finale as well.

The Cristo machines looked to be a hitSamples which led me to drink too much ...Waiting for it to brewI spent about an hour there just looking around the rows of stalls, all selling coffee makers, coffee beans, introducing various method of brewing, some common, some not very ... There were also stalls selling tasty pasties. Plenty of things to sample.

By the time I took my fourth shot, I was really jacked up, blary eyed despite this being post-call. Some strong brew they got there.

Continued in part II here.

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