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Marche oh Marche

As I mentioned, it had been almost a year since we last been to Marche. We used to go there at least a couple of times a month, but we realised that since the pizza oven broke down, the food there had never been the same. Take my steak there yesterday for example, it used to be cooked to what I asked for. Yesterday, I asked for medium well. I got rare instead. I asked for it to be cooked further, and it became medium. I just gave up.

The pizza was another travesty. For some reason, they did not cook pizza with any tomato base, and they used thick crust. I understood if they wanted to go all Italian and baked them thin-crusted, but no.

But any how, the rosti was excellent, and so were the dessert. The salad was only so and so. Nothing special. For a Sunday afternoon, I thought they did not have enough staff. The table took ages to be cleared, and we had to ask for our plates to be taken away as we piled on more food. It used to be much better.

We crossed over to IKANO, and at the main foyer, Harvey Normal was doing sales for their beddings. The "Tempur" mattress were to die for … but going at RM25K, we would probably literally die as well. Damn expensive stuff, so much so that it came with a free bed …… But once you sat on one, you just did not want to get up. It was so soft and welcoming.

It was Octoberfest at Marche that dayIdlan doing his own order

We spent some time doing some shopping for household stuff. The boys got their toys, and that should keep them going for another couple of weeks. I noticed that the traffic heading into The Curve was heavy by the time we were about to leave. We decided against staying for dinner as Irfan some homework to finish.

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