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The Universal Studios

Everyone has been asking me, was the trip to Universal Studios worth it? Of course! Most definitely. I initially had problem convincing my children to go. After all, there was a huge billboard along the MRR2 near my house in Gombak which said, "Sunway Lagoon, Asia's Best Attraction." And they swore by that!
Now, they kept telling me that Universal Studios couldn't be as good. After the trip, they changed their mind.
But, if you don't believe the boy's endorsement, you should go there yourself. It was electric. From the moment you enter the park, the excitement was palpable.
By the main entraceGift shops everywhereTime for a breatherMore photos ......We went there on a Monday. The crowd was apparently lighter, but still a bit more than a typical Monday since it was a public holiday in Malaysia. I could tell that the majority of the visitors - as well as the staffs - were from Malaysia. We got purr tickets beforehand via the internet, so all we had to do was start straight at the entrance queue. We reached there shortly after 10.30 am, and there was already a crowd. Despite that, everything was orderly. The next step was to pick up the park map. They were everywhere and easy to get hold off.
The park was basically devised into 7 areas, all with a unique theme. In the end we spent more time at the Lost World - a Jurassic Park-based attraction - and Far Far Away where Shrek lived. The main dining area was by Hollywood area. 
Rather than dwell on in one long entry, I might as well write on the individual area separately. So, watch this space …..
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