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What a Mess!

Post call day. A usually groggy one for me. Extra groggy with today being Ramadhan, and the household waking up too late for Saturday. I woke up 10 minutes before Subuh after a spring numerous calls from the hospital. I must have blocked out the sound of the alarm. Funny that even Puan Anita and the maid were fast asleep. Due to the phone call interruptions, I actually slept at the lounge, in front of the TV. With the Olympics blaring.

I survived this call though. The last one for Ramadhan. Now, it was time to sort out the patients in time for my Raya break coming up from Thursday. As for the boys, the were enjoying their time at the apartment. So much so, that the place - their room especially was a right mess. They managed to convince me to bring their Wii along, and they have been jumping up and down all afternoon playing with it.

We decided to go out for take-out rather than cook for tonight's Iftar. I took out some Indian food, and were really sleepy after the meal. just sorting things out for the night although I was still expecting a call from the hospital coming in any minute as one of my patient was en route to the Emergency Room. Time to do a bit of clearing up then ......

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