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Return to Sudu

I was treated to iftar yesterday by one of the Pharmaceutical company. They checked on me last week to see which outlet I preferred, and I said Latest Recipe at Le Meridien. Unfortunately, we were not able to get a table there, and had to settle for Sudu at KL Hilton, right next to Le Meridien itself at KL Sentral.

Getting there was surprisingly breezy as I thought that I would be late as I could only leave the hospital at 6.30. There was virtually no traffic, until I enter KL Sentral. It was a bit of a struggle to get a parking spot, but I got there in ample time.

We soon settled to our table, and I went to survey the spread. I must say that compared to last year, the place had got much better. The selection of food was good, although not as expansive as Latest Recipe. The place was crowded, with some makeshift table lined up at the corridor by the entrance. Luckily we booked early and our table was right next to the starters and Japanese bar. Great!

Maghrib came, and we started eating. And I must say, compared again to last year, the food was better. The biryani and roast lamb was a bit on the dry side, but I have never been a fan of roasted lamb anyway, so I gave that a miss. The Japanese was good. There was nothing to shout about at the Malay food counter. I had some kebab and satay, while for the main, I took some biryani with some chicken and fish.

But the dessert was superb, and so were the drinks. I imagine that the price here would be steep, and given the choice, I would definitely go to Latest Recipe instead. But given how disappointed I was at Sudu last year, this was quite a nice surprise. The other thing I dislike about having iftar at KL Sentral - be it at Latest Recipe or Sudu - was the surau is located on the lower levels by the car park. You would have to walk far from the restaurant to get there. The management could do a lot better.

Would I come here again? Definitely, if I was not the one picking the tab. If I was the one paying, I would definitely go across to Latest Recipe ….

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