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Part 9 Last Stop

It had been a nice sunny day, and I was happy that snapped more than 300 frames. It would be a long day of editing right after but as usual, we met up one last time to say our goodbyes and of course, had something to eat.

This year, it was a cafe right next to Masjid Jamek. It was called CoffeeBox. Not great but it had wifi and air-conditioning. That should do the trick nicely.

Busy crossing

Networking..... and post-mortemThis was when we exchanged cards and found out a bit more about what the other participants did for a living. We had a Government Servant, a senior Bank Officer, a retired pilot, and full-time photographer i the mix.

I enjoyed the walk this year, and it was a lot to do with the fact that I was not involved in organising it. Being a walk leader was not really hard work, but on the day, you worry about what the participants would take back from the walk. You ended up trying to keep things on track rather than you yourself walk around enjoying the day. I also managed to get the day off, meaning that I only had minimal interruptions from the hospital.

Time to say goodbyeBack to the LRTIn the end, a afternoon off for me, and I managed to learn a few things about Chow Kit and central KL. When I was talking to the fellow walker at Capital Cafe, we felt that there were plenty of KL which was left undocumented. These celebrated past may be left untold to the future generations. Plenty of anecdotes about the shops and cafe would be lost forever if we do not start jotting them down. Something to take for the future I think ……. Something well worth pursuing …..

More about the walk here.

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