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Photowalk Tomorrow 

Setting off during the 2009 walkSo, if things fell into place, we would be embarking on another chapter of the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk tomorrow morning. The first one I joined was on the second chapter in 2009. A great day out it was, and we explored the wet market of Chow Kit that fine morning.

I helped organised the walk in 2010, and the route I picked was around Central Market towards the old KL KTM Station. 2011 was around Masjid Jamek. Ripi helped organised that, and he will be doing the same again tomorrow, but this time we would be back to Chow Kit.

Ripi helped organise the walk in the last couple of years, and he is doing the honours again tomorrowA common theme during all the walks. Food. And plenty of them!This was snapped at the beginning of the 2010 walk which I helped organiseWeather does play a big role. And I hope tomorrow would be a nice one ....I couldn't join last year's walk due to work. It was around Pavilion, but it was interrupted by heavy rain. Praying for good weather tomorrow.

I have cancelled the morning clinic, and would be starting my ward round very early. We were talking around 7 am. I would then hopefully be able to join the walk from the start by 9 am. Parking would be a challenge and I might end up having to park at Pavilion and take the Monorail across town, which in itself was a journey. Better set off extra early then …..

Entries on the 2013 walk here.

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