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Part 4 On to Jalan TAR

The next part of the route took us along the famed Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Not the usual shop lots with big retails and bazaar. This was almost the forgotten part of the stretch of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Right between Chow Kit and Maju Junction.

There were plenty of old shops here, mainly workshops and hardware stores. When you think about it, it was a rather odd place to have those kinds of shops. Parking would have been a killer and hardly a place for people passing by window shopping. The punters must have known about those shops to find these, and some these shops were gems.

The familiar Twin Towers from Jalan TAR across Kampung Baru...... and the KL TowerThe Monorel tract ran straight through Jalan TAR heading towards Chow KitAnd one such gems was the Choi Hoong Shoe shop, but I would blog more about that on a later entry as it deserved an entry on its own.

An intimidating nameNeed directions?Here's my number, so call me maybe ....Surprising how many workshops were located along this stretchPatriotic ......We hung around an a rattan shop, talking to the owners and one particular uncle who had been plying his trade there for close to 20 years. He basically made rattan furnitures and toys by hand, an intricate skill to have. They mainly made the product here and sell them elsewhere via a middleman.

One of the photographer in our group was from Russia and he found the whole thing fascinating and couldn't stop snapping away while we chatted away.

Next, we stumbled across this rattan workshopThe produced stuffs big and small .....Plotting our next spot ...It was just after 11.30 when we reached Maju Junction and a restaurant just before the junction to Medan Tuanku. The famous Kudu bin Abdul. And more about that later …..

The entries were collated here.

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