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Goodbye Mr Mandela 

Nelson Mandela had died aged 95.

In life, we would always remember certain events. I still remember what I was doing on Sept 11. It was one of those vivid moments which you would remember forever. And today was such day.

It defines the maturity of modern democracy. The struggles and the way he handled and accepted the treatment that he had during his incarceration. And after his release, rather than going for payback,, he embraced them. And that defined the man.

If would be many moons before another such personality emerge. The current crops of World leaders can only dream of being held at such high regard as the great man.

What I respected him most was the fact that he held the Presidency for only a single term. He could've held on at the throne until he died. But not him. He knew that the World must move on.

Good Bye Sir.

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