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Fringing Apart?

I finally had time to catch up with the fourth season of Fringe, even though I had the DVD since the end of last year - a legal one this time. What spurred me was the fact that I managed to get episodes from the fifth - and final - season from my DVD peddler a couple of weeks back. Time to catch up ….

I was afraid that the series was doing an X-Files on me. It was getting way to personal in terms of plot lines. I prefer the Fringe team exploring the supernatural happenings, rather than talking about the new world order and invasion of alien beings. I want it to be kept real! The moment I found out that of of the main character was shot and then brought back to life, I started to doubt that the new season would be as good as the previous.

The same happened during the fourth season of Galactica when the story became personal - with the crew being grounded at a planet since Galactica ran out of fuel and there was mutiny amongst the crew. The plot started to become thin and at times excruciating. Once the Cylons found out about the new colony, Galactica packed up and started moving and the story then became interesting again. I think Sci-Fi should never take themselves too seriously when it comes to plot. You could turn to daytime soap opera for that ….

Well, I watched the final two-parter last night and it had enough hook for me to soldier on for the final season. Will start with the first episode tonight if I had the time ….

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