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Mother's Day Part I

Round One of our Mother's Day weekend dinner was at Makan Kitchen, Double Tree in KL. It used to be one of Anita's favourite but after tonight's affair, I don't think that she was in any hurry to return. It was, to put it mildly, disappointing.

The spread was poor, with only limited local selection. The main bulk happened to be Indian, and it was not great. I'm a fan of Indian food, but this was worst than the Mamak stalls. In fact, it was an insult to compare this to my local mamak. It was really bad. The rice was overcooked, while the naan was the opposite. The daal and curry was too plain - it seemed that they left the spices in the cupboard.

The only highlight was the satay. It was as tasty as I remembered it here and the peanut sauce that came with it was top notch. The kebab was not too bad either.

There was no salad, and there was no Japanese item on the spread. The dessert was also left wanting. There was only 3 dishes to go with rice if you wanted to go for the Malay selection. As for Chinese, the less mentioned the better.

Apparently they had a new chef just appointed to the outlet. A gregarious American gentleman called Adam who went from one table to another introducing himself. He only started there three weeks ago, previously stationed in China from what I heard. He certainly had his job cut out to sort out this shamble. And good luck to him.

So, for the next few months, I'll pass on coming back here.

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