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Mother's Day Part II

My Mum prefer a traditional Malaysia restaurant. And her favourite had always been Rebung, an outlet ran by a local celebrity chef, Chef Ismail. The last we went there was about three months ago, and the quality of the food there had always been consistent. We sort of like knew what we were in for every time we called in.

Since it was Mother's Day weekend and all, I decides to book the table. It turned out that there were plenty of space available, although we managed to get a spot indoors.

Always disconcerting when the chef at the restaurant took to the karaoke ..... and that was what happenedThe food was good as expected, and all my favourite was there. Satay, asam laksa and daging salai. Those kept me happy.

But the highlight of the might was definitely Chef Ismail's singing. He was on the karaoke for quite a while. Yes, he was actually at the premise, and greeted us at the table, which made my Mum's day.

It was a good evening, certainly better food wise compared to the evening before at Makan Kitchen. And it cost less as well.

I must say, I was impressed at the consistency of the dishes there. For the last few years that we've been frequenting the restaurant, the food had been good. We always found something to keep us happy. But the parking there still needed sorting out. It was painful trying to get a space even though the place was only half full.

Anita, my Mum and my sister, JuliaI also noticed that the restaurant had expended to the bungalow next door. But it was outdoors and was rather too warm for out liking. We still preferred the space indoor.

Just by sheer consistency, the restaurant still retained my recommendation.

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