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The Walking Wounded

It was a long evening in the end, going through the streams of results which came thick and fast by midnight. Twitter definitely helped me sift through the confirmed results and I was able to post them straight into my own stream and to Facebook with minimal fuss. Sorry about the updates on my Facebook feed to those who were expecting something else.

In the end, it was a simple majority, which is about what everybody could sensibly hope for. Although I must say, I was expecting a much closer results. A few surprises and a few lessons to be learnt, although not sure if those in power would be taking heed or not.

Studying the streamRan out of fuel by midnightIn any case, I felt compelled to write about a candidate who I hoped, or least in my eyes, the one who carries the aspiration of my generation at least, a far who a Malay UMNO candidate should strive to. Basically, if I ever grew balls to go into politics, and aligning to my political belief and demography - no! I am not Bangla! - I would hope to progress along the line of this person. It is not Abang Bung and his hot wife. It would not be my senior from school, Dato' Razali Ibrahim - sorry bro! It would not be one of my cousin who frankly I don't rate too highly who won Kepala Batas.

It would be Dato' Saifuddin Abdullah. He was the Deputy Minister for Higher Education, and he lost to PAS's Nasruddin Hassan by just over 1000 votes. Why he gets my time of the day? Maybe the video below would explain it better. I wish you the very best Dato' and if the current government understood the young Malay voters, they could do no wrong by selecting him as a Senator. He is an asset. That was it. Enough politicking! Good day all …..

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