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Another Loss

On paper, it looked like it was going to be a routine win. But it wasn't to be. The way the team was set out, showed that we were confident to get a result. Not fully fit, I could understand why van Persie was on the bench. But Fellaini not starting, and both Kagawa and Nani on the field at the same time. We could afford one passenger at a time. But with Anderson really showing his weight, the team had to carry three. Tough ask.

And the result was no surprise. We really struggled to protect the back four. Anichebe was giving Old Man Ferdinand hell. And today, he didn't have Vidic to mop things up after him. The midfield was easily bypassed with long passes and our passing in the final third really needed sorting out.

We should be more critical in attack and not just depended on Rooney. Fellaini should start the next few games as to develop understanding with Carrick. We desperately need a good spine in the team to build the around.

Two wins, three losses and a draw in the first six games. Not the best of starts but this is the time that we need to get behind the new manager. Slagging him would not get us far. We have to rally behind him. And march on forward. GGMU.

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