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Kurhaus Cademario Resort

I didn't realise that the sponsor put is up at a spa hotel on top of the hill for our Lugano trip. According to them, all the other hotels were fully booked and those who still had rooms couldn't accomodate the ten of us. But the problem with this arrangement was the travelling to and from the hotel to the town centre. It took us 40 minutes on the bus and the bus only left hourly. For other tines, we had to arrange alternative transport.

Being a spa hotel, the Kurhaus Cademario offer great food and comfortable room. No room service though. But due to our packed schedule we were not able to enjoy any of the spa services on offer. But from what I could see, the place was only recently renovated, and the outdoor pool were still being built.

Breakfast viewThe room was cosy and practicalThe bed was really nice ....Let's start with the room. They were fully airconditioned, and equipped with blazing fast internet. There were flat screen TV with limited number of English channels. The toilet and showers were very comfortable. There were no bath tubs. But the best thing about the room must be the lake view verandah which was accessable from room, occupying the length of the room. There were deck chairs outside, but unfortunately it was nearly dark by the time we reached our room every night. I wished that I had a full Fay just to enjoy all that.

There was a sofa chair, and a separate writing table. Coupled with the fast internet, one could really get some work done here if they really wanted to.

The lobby was warm and cosy, laid out with books and sofa. There were at least three separate eating area, not counting the function rooms. Our favourite restaurant was the main one where we had our breakfast every morning. It had a cosy verandah overlooking the valley and lake. We could hear the birds singing there, as well as the church bell every 15 minutes. Shame that one could also hear the occasional rumble of aircrafts taking off from a small airstrip down in the valley. Not too often though and was certainly not a problem in the rooms.

As for the food, they were not too bad. The specialty here was the minestrone, a kind of vegetable broth. With some croutons parmesan, it tasted amazing. I had some fish on the couple of occasions I was there, and I enjoyed it.

I could imagine sitting in the lobby having a sip of cocoa in front if the fireplace during winter, with the snow outside.

From my balconyA bit of afternoon drinksCosy lobby areaFrom the brochure, it looked like there were a range of services that the spa offered. Rather on the expensive side, but I was sure that should you be able to afford the rooms here, the spa fees wouldn't be an issue.

All together, we spent four nights at the hotel, but mainly for sleep. I was sure that the hotel offered plenty more, but due to our schedule, we didn't really explore what was on offer.

The main drawback for the place was the access from my perspective. But if you were there to be isolated and rejuvenated, you might thought differently. More information about the hotel could be found here. I don't think that I was in a position to give any recommendation for the place.

The slideshow of the hotel can be seen here.

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