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It's addictive but I just can't help it. I first signed up for this online multiplayer adventure a couple if weeks before Irfan was born. January 2006. Now coming up to the eighth anniversary and after seeing a posting from a former gang member on Facebook, I though about giving it a visit.

The game had been updated over the years and it seemed that I would have to download a new server - 6 GB of it - which took me about an hour at the apartment.

I still have the subscription ready, so I fired up the client both on the iMac and another on the MacBook Pro, signed up and I was back to fantasyland.

EVE is a virtual world set in the far future when mankind had explored another universe through a wormhole from Earth. After a period of exploration, the wormhole collapsed and connection to Earth was severed forever.

In the world of EVE, you explore. UK title galaxies, fight, built up corporations, make a fortune and basically all in a self-contained, open-ended environment. Fascinating stuff. You interact with real people, from other parts of the World - usually 30000 of them at any one point being logged on - just like on twitter or in conversation.

You could be as basic or as complex as you wanted to be. As a casual gamer, I just went with the flow. I just loved to explore. Occasionally, to make ends meet, you had to do chores and Mission, build your fleet of spaceships and mods. You can just do what you want. Some of the arwa worlds were prim and proper, while others were lawless. You take your pick....

I spent the morning exploring. As I usually do, until it was time for my ward round. Yes, real live could get in the way.....

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