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Equatorial Melaka

Back during the time my parents visited me in Melaka once a month when I studied at MRSM Terendak back in the late 80s, the only premier hotel in town was the Ramada. Melaka was still a small town back then, and on this trip, I would spend the weekend with my parents in town while preparing for my SPM.

The cafe by the front deskIt was a neat hotel back then. I last states at Ramada three years ago when I have a lecture here, and the place was in need if a serious facelift. The location was also away from the main shopping district and the attractions.

The same can't be said about Equatorial Melaka. I believe the hotel must have been built in the early 90's judging by the architecture. Located smack in the of town, within walking distant to A Famosa and Jonker Street, right across a major shopping complex certainly made the decision to stay here an easy one.

The pool on the fourth floorLooking upAnd the facilities here were pretty decent too. Reasonably priced as well. The only drawback was the constructions going on right across the hotel. They were still at it at godly hours.

Food was good, and service was great. All the service staffs were locals. Even the cleaning staffs were Malays as well. Very courteous and the porters spoke very decent English.

They had a few eating outlets at the hotel itself. I mentioned about the Peranakan restaurant Seri Nyonya before. They had a 24 hour bistro for dining as well as an outdoor bar cum cafe located at the street level, also opened 24 hours. There was also a bar by the pool and a pub at the main lobby. Another cafe at the sitting area.

Since we had Club facilities, we can walk in for snacks and drinks on the top floor lounge up to 11 pm. It also served continental breakfast if you wanted to avoid the crowd at the main cafe.

The room we stayed was a suite, with a separate living area and dining. The room had a large king's bed and another bed by the alcove - where Idlan slept at. They had fast Internet for free although it was rather sluggish to set up. We used the LTE signal instead and turned my Nexus 7 into a hotspot.

Room service had good selection and the service was very fast. It was also available 24 hours. Last night we had a couple of inroom masseur coming over. Anita had a full body work while I had reflexology massage. They were from Mainland China and they knew what they were doing. My foot were still aching this morning. It was Anita's treat. The only Malay words they mastered were "sakit". They certainly knew how to deliver that!

Shopping was also simple as the hotel could arrange for beca to pick us up. I just walked across the road to shop. There was a McDonald's and 7-Eleven just across the street.

Afternoon snack at the ClubAnd the boys enjoyed it even moreThe only drawback in Melaka was the one-way traffic system. I couldn't be bothered to drive and quite rightly some area should be totally free of cars. That would encourage people to use either the public transport or just walk. There was plenty to see in town.

I would definitely be returning to the hotel in the future, due to its location, service and comfortable room. Shame that we couldn't sample the pool on this visit. The weather had not been too kind.

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