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The Faces at the Market

Carrying the 56 f1.2 meant that close-ups would really stand up against the background with a wicked bokeh to boot. Shooting at f1.2 at such a crowded and free moving area present a problem would focusing and the depth of field was really shallow.

I stepped down the aperture to 1.8 and fired away. The built in face recognition algorithm on the X-T1 certainly helped as I didn't have much time to focus at times.

Some of the vendors were happy to have their photos taken, but not all. Another thing I noticed were the number of foreigners working at the marking. They probably outnumber the locals.

They were mainly Nepalese, and they could actually speak a bit of Mandarin to interact with the buyers. Indonesians manned the majority of the Halal section. I supposed that was market forces at work. The foreigners could be hired at lower wages ....

Great fun, but I soon found myself walking in circles. The vendors don't like us photographers hanging around blocking the flow of customers ......

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