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Not Another One

It was a Sunday. The last Sunday of the year. Time for my weekend round. the last call was somewhat busy and I had at least 3 hours of work of reviewing to do. But it was a Sunday. That meant that I could take my time and have an extra time to chat with my patients.

One of my dengue patient happened to be an MAS flight attendant. She was doing very well in terms of her infection, but it looked like she would be missing a couple of flight in the coming days. She was due to be in the Middle East on New Years Night. But due to her admission, she would be on leave.

Then she told me that an Air Asia flight went missing. She was waiting to hear about it. The news were only started giving flashes on TV. Nothing concrete yet.

But it soon materialized that QZ8501. It looked like the weather some something to do with that happened but it could be anything. Praying for their safe return. A swift resolution ....

If somebody were to tell me a year ago that Malaysia would be hit by a triple whammy of aviation accidents in 2014, I would have pointed out that they had had too much to drink. Nobody would've believed it.

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