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Irfan is Eight

The party was finally over and done with. And it was a memorable day for Irfan especially. Many of his friends came and they had a good day playing bowling, and eating cakes of course.

This time, we had the party at Kiara Equestrian Club. Theme was Minecraft, and the venue was the bowling alley. No need to bring your own shoes, but socks were a must!

In the end, we occupied ten lanes, seven of them for children. Of course, I got to show my skills at the end …

For the event, we catered the food from the club, while we employed a party planner for the party organiser and the party packs. We asked that the clown to not wear his normal costume as Irfan had a thing against clowns since he was young. So, he came doing his usual clowning stuff, balloon tricks and organising the games. Minus the make-up.

The food was excellent. One of Irfan’s classmate’s Mum offered to do Irfan’s cake, and it was gorgeous.

The only disappointment was the party planner, who rushed for time and a rather sub-par end product. I would not rather spoil things here, but suffice to say that we wouldn’t be doing business with them again.

Time to get into the proper shoes... and get the proper ballsTime for cakesAnd group photoEven the lion came to playTime for the daddies to show off their talents ...For those considering having birthday party here, I must say that it was highly recommended. The officer in-charge was very accommodating and doing business with him was a pleasure - I was referring to you Mr Syahril! Everything was delivered and more.

The children had a great time. Irfan had a smashing day. The parents had a fine time - some of them even played along. Food was great and the whole venue was comfortable. Now, off to nurse my sore arm …

More photos here in the slideshow.

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