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Private Schools Fair

Anita had circled this date in her calendar since a couple of months back. Even though Sri Utama was not that bad, we felt that the place was slowly losing its charm, especially since Idlan's close friend moved out of Setapak at the beginning of the year and switched school.

I also personally felt that there were not enough emphasis put on co-curricular activities and the amount of homework were at times ridiculous. There were also too many assessments for my liking when children at my boys age should be enjoying education. They just didn't get the chance to explore their interest.

Since the beginning of the year, there were a few clubs opened. Idlan seemed to enjoy his drama class and badminton lessons. But still, the homework were becoming a drag ....

It didn't hurt to explore other options and that was what we did today.

The fair entered its third year this time around, but compared to last year, it was palpably smaller in both scale and prestige. A few of the elite school did not even show up. Most that were there were on the fringes, and possibly in the same league as Sri Utama in terms of aspirations and vision.

We left the place almost empty handed, with the only institution which left us with an impression was Epsom College. A couple of issues, it was in Sepang and the tuition plus boarding fees were damn expensive. We could afford Yayasan Saad with the same amount.

We might be exploring the place more for secondary school in a couple of years time. In the meantime, it looked like my boys would be staying at Sri Utama, unless we come across other alternative. I was still asking Anita to consider having a look at Park City International School right next door to the Medical Centre. The place looked rather nice ....

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