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Jump Street

While relaxing at my Mum's place during the recent Raya break, on the TV there was a documentary about this trampoline park in KL. A new concept and an interesting one. The boys saw it and they asked if they can have a look at some point during their holidays.

Anita took them there on Monday while I was at work, and today, they begged to go there again. Anita booked a session after work, forgetting that I had an afternoon clinic. As a result, I had to rush back and the whole gang were late for the start of the session.

Jump Street was located in a converted factory building, right next to the refurbished Jaya One. Opened in the last couple of months, it was just officiated by KJ earlier this week. The place was brand spanking new, everything was clean and the crowd after work was big despite this being the middle of the week.

Entering the place. As you can see, it used to be an old storage delivery area.Check out the priceThe charge for entry was divided into sessions, which last for an hour starting at the top of the hour. The price depended on the time of the day, and the day of the week. It was more expensive during peak hour - at about RM25. You would also need a special pair of socks with extra grip apparently in order to use the facility.

The space looked deceptively small from the outside but big and airy once you entered. They had separate area for general play, a high performance area for the pros - or those who would like to show off, dodgeball courts, a children area, trampoline for slam-dunk and an area for high bounce and flips into a pool filled with sponge cubes.

Irfan having a tumbleAnd Idlan also did not sit stillThe operator would sound a whistle every five minutes indicating it was time to rotate if an area was packed so that everybody could enjoy the facilities during the session.

Trust me, one hour sounded short, but not when you were busy jumping around. A great work out actually, much more taxing that I originally gave it credit for.

Hmmm! These dodgeball players looked rather gay. And by that I did not mean happy ...The obligatory perasmian was only done yesterdayI was left with a sore knees and back at the moment, suffering from the work-out. The boys I was sure would be in bed early with all the running and jumping. Definitely worth a go, but best if you could get there during the off-peak periods - like early afternoons during school days when the place was less packed.

The place appeared to be well-run with decent toilet facilities, lockers and storage area, a cafe and designated surau for prayers. The were plenty of staffs and they appeared friendly, especially to my kids. Definitely worth a visit or two, and a decent way to get some work-out.

More information about the place here

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