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24 Hours in Bangkok

It was a quick stay in Bangkok. I was already back home last night - landing just before midnight. And back to work already today, and would be on call tomorrow.

But the trip was a great one, able to meet up with old contacts although I was late to arrive on Saturday evening, hence not able to join the group for a sumptuous feast prepared by the generous Thai host! I had to make do with bland hotel food instead which was a shame!

On arrival at Bangkok AirportFinal touches on the slidesI woke up early on Sunday, and was able to have my morning walk around the area my hotel while people were still getting into their early Sunday morning routine. Stopped for a coffee before turning back, ready for my part of the symposium.

Talks before and after lunch, followed by some discussion. Then it was already time to pack up and leave. The rest of the group had been there for the past three days and almost had enough. Too much information as it was my part to introduce the concept of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia in a group who advocates for patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia. It could be a tough sell!

It's my turnLet's get out of here!Sunday evening traffic in Bangkok had been kind and I was able to reach the airport early for my flight home. Wished that I could stay longer. I could only pick some gifts for Anita at the airport my schedule was such.

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