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School's Closed Again

It was fast becoming a joke. These days off school due to haze. It was fun for a while, but once it started to become almost predictable, the novelty soon wore off! The school would be closed again tomorrow, and it started to effect the parents as well in terms of them having to scramble days off to sort out their children having to stay in.

Luckily Anita is a stay-at-home Mum, and even then the boys staying at home limited her activities. She couldn't even do her groceries and shopping without taking my reluctant boys along.

The forecast said that the air quality would only improve by Thursday. It was only Monday today. The school might as well be closed for the whole week at the rate we were going. And then there was a small matter of me traveling to Hong Kong this weekend.

The boys watching movie before bed. I am Groot!I asked my boys what were their plans for tomorrow? They said, staying home and playing games .....

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