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Firing up an Old Flame

I had been looking up the review for the upcoming BlackBerry Priv and felt that the phone certain got potential. On the one hand, you have the great hardware and keyboard - both physical and software - which came with BlackBerry plus the flexibility and the established platform that was Android operating system.

I have invested a lot in Android software, so it would make perfect sense to port over into another Android rather than plod along with BlackBerry OS, which may be going nowhere soon.

While waiting for it to be available at the shop, I thought I rekindle my love for BlackBerry. I went back into my digital cupboard and dusted off my old Z10, got it charged up and updated the OS.

Hmmm! Sluggish but usable. Now I realised why I left the phone in the cupboard in the first place. The main problem j had with the phone was not the hardware, but the software. And the worst part was navigating through the trove of emails in the so called Hub. To erase the email in bulk took some prodding. Then came the problem of trying to jump from email to the next. It appeared that you needed to load each emails individually rather than sift through them fast such as in the Android or Outlook.

And that was just for starters. It get worse with the other third party apps. They were just slow and sluggish. Therefore marrying the good of BlackBerry and Android made perfect sense. The keyboard on the Z10 itself remained peerless. Even better than any Android or iOS keyboards.

Still waiting for a unit to try. Hopefully the wait would not be that long.

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