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The Pool Party

Then on Sunday, one of Idlan's and Irfan's old classmate had a pool party for their daughter's birthday - who was born a day before Irfan. They asked if we would like to join, and we said of course!

Another friend baked a cake for us as well, so everything was pointing to a party. After ward round on Sunday, we drove to Kota Damansara for the party and stayed there the whole afternoon. Many of the boys old classmates were there and it was great fun.

The pool was too deep for Irfan - or at least that was his excuse - so decided against going into the pool. Idlan was jumping all around the place, and it was mayhem. The party was an excuse for me to try out the Alpha 7's ability with a zoom lens. and it was wicked! All together I must have snapped about 350 pics.

The weather was kind as well - overcast with some breeze before clearing up by early evening. So, it was not that hot and more importantly, there was no rain. The children had a blast in the pool first, before they cleaned themselves up for the cakes and a sing-song!

Irfan's cake was nice, but it tasted much better than it looked.

Idlan and his friends from kindyDespite not hosting a party this year, I could see that Irfan was right happy. This year, we planned to do Idlan in May. It would be before Ramadan, but we were still undecided about the venue. That would give us another couple of months to come up with the idea .....

So, all together, great party, great company and the boys had a smashing time ...

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