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The New Mediplex

It was finally opened. Although I haven't learned of any fanfare. The Mediplex right next to my ward was finally opened. More of a soft launch, announced by the opening of Starbucks.

Access was straight forward as there is a dedicated lift straight from the car park. I happened to park right next to that entrance. So. This morning, I decided to have a look. No clinics. Some time to kill on the way to breakfast.

Urut Melayu .... HmmmmThe lobby straight out of the liftWelcomeI'm sure it would be manned soonFrom the entranceNice and neat. Not all the outlets were opened yet, but the food outlets at the ground floor, plus Chicken Rice Shop had already started business since a couple of weeks back. There was also a pharmacy, which ironically was selling health supplements right there. According to the list, there would be more outlet upstairs mainly for wellness. I might just try some massage.

The next thing I looked at was the Surau. We have two Surau at SJMC, one for each tower. But they were small and we're more of an afterthought rather than a purpose built room. The one at Mediplex looked to be more dedicated although I wished that it would be bigger. It was tucked in at the back of the building, right by the lift.

Starbucks of course, with staff discountI's sure this on would be popular, if the service is fast enoughMore choice, but the number of seats were limitedPlace for wudukThe praying area was still emptyIt had a separate area for wuduk which was good, but it could with a bigger area to sit and store bags and shoes. It was also still empty. Just being opened I guessed. I had yet to try it myself.

To be honest, located by my car park made getting in and out through the new building easy for me. Great for getting a quick bite on my drive home before getting stuck in the usual jam.

Let's see what else was in store when the upper floors were opened. ‎

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