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Go Oceanic 

Nothing much but reminiscing on one of the mall in PD. Oceanic Mall. It was out favourite since early 2000s before our boys were born. We used to come to PD every time we returned to Malaysia for our holidays. This was where we got our grubs and food during our stay.

Fast forward to the mid 2000s when the boys arrived, this was where we got cheap clothes for them. They were really cheap and for some reason, their dales seemed to go on all year round. Not that we were complaining.

Now we go there every six months to stock up. And we did that again yesterday.

The place had gone on a decline however. Maybe competition from other malls nearby. There was also the newly opened promenade right next door with some nice eateries lining the shoreline.

What was left was the original The Store supermarket. Still the best place to get my children's clothes and grin though. The upper couple of floors were already deserted and the supermarket had taken steps to cut their loses by only switching on the escalators going up and increasing the temperature on the air conditioning.

We used to get DVDs and games for the boys there. Even those shops were closed. The whole place was a real sad state. I think the whole place won't last long. Once the anchor tenant, The Store leaves, the days for Oceanic would be numbered.

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