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Sunny Side Up

The trend in KL lately were to have pop-up stores and food truck as a way of social gathering. It was great on occasions but I noticed lately that these spots were either too crowded or too expensive.

The stalls and food at such events as Riuh could be too much of a put off to be honest. I ended up having drinks in established cafe instead when I went out as you couldn't guarantee that such stalls would offer good food at such price.

Look closely or you might miss it ...Quite cosy insideAnd the same went for the items at the pop-up stores as well. Yes, you would like to support young independent entrepreneurs but often they were charging unreasonable prices.

Slate at The Row - located at Jalan Doraisamy - in the middle of town host monthly jumble sale-like event, called Sunny Side Up, where there were pop-up aplenty. There were stalls selling paintings and leather goods. Coupled with pleasant environment, great weather and some nice restaurants around the area, it certainly was a place to be on a Sunday afternoon.

Getting there was straight forward even if you were driving since there were plenty of spots along the road. Traffic were rather light as well. I had a look at some hand-printed batik shirt as well as some paintings. But I felt that the price could have been cheaper. Everything were going at a premium.

I didn't drive this time ...As a result, I didn't hang around for too long. I would love to get an item or two of the prices were reasonable. Do, maybe next time ...

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