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KL International AV Show 2018

This is a yearly event which I was always keen to attend. Not much of an audiophile nowadays but I like good recording. The current hifi setup I had was bought after attending one of this event a couple of years back and it was a good event to see new gears and just have a good look.

This year's venue was a departure from the last one. It was held at Sunway Putra Hotel, right next door to the old The Mall opposite PWTC.

I'm legit!The venue was smaller than before - JW Marriott at Bukit Bintang. But the concept were the same. Using hotel rooms emulate our living room to a certain extand, which gave better acoustics rather than open spaces. But walking through hotel corridors did pose some unique problem. The traffic flow around the venue as well as queue for the lifts proved testing.

So, did I hear any good stuffs? I sure did.

This must have been the most expensive kit on display Some of the gears were deduct loudly expensive and relatively unknown. The rigs were too big and difficult to maintain. I wanted a streaming system which is more practical and would fit both my budget and space.

The one which caught my eyes were the system from Linn. Not an all in one like my Naim set, but sounded excellent. The units were not yet available in Malaysia though. The unit on show were from Singapore although I was welcome to order.

There were some good clearance deals as well as it was the last few hours of exhibition. And I was guilty of picking up a Bluetooth amplifier. I have yet to get a speaker for it at the minute but the deal was just too good to ignore.

Now to the poor man's area ...Headphones were also seemed to be making a comeback ...There were units going in excess of RM100k with great sound. But it would depend on the source. Just a plain CD would not be enough to explore the real quality of the system. Most of the units either use a specialized streaming unit or turntable. Not practical really for casual users like myself.

I may have a closer look at the Linn system once a local unit is available. The sound were good enough for me ...

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The Towns of Malaya

While walking around town on the last day of my Raya break, I stopped at Ruang by Medan Pasar. The place held a small exhibit that week and it was an interesting one.

Ruang was nicely located at this junctionThe address in case you were asking ...A respite from the hot weather outside ...It was about the old towns of Malaya filled with topographical photos of major towns in Malay Peninsular before Merdeka. Some really fascinating find here.

Yes, there were not too many items. But those on display were worth a look ...It really made you appreciate what Malaysia was about ...The old Seberang PeraiThere were some featuring Seberang Perai as well. Apparently, a book containing all the exhibits would be launched soon. So far, I had not find any details. Soon I hope ...

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Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018 Part II

Continued from part I here.

A few things caught my eye and was worth mentioning. Nespresso didn't offer anything much and I was already familiar with their products. There was a company called Cristo which offered free machine rental as long as you order their coffee cartridges monthly. Their brew was quite good and straight forward but I've already got my Nespresso kit.

Krup machines were going quite cheap, about half price to what I've seen before. There were also discounts on prosumer coffee makers but the machines were just too complicated and I doubt that I could cope. Anita wasn't much a coffee drinker as well.

That kiosk brew me the best blend of the visitThis one was way too complicated for me ...More brewing and more sampling ...The best coffee I had was brewed by a company called Spetta. I wasn't familiar with their product but the latte they prepared for me was smooth and delicious. With enough kick to wake me up ... But I swore that the barista was Bangladeshi though from the way he was describing the product. I just couldn't get that out of my head as I left his kiosk ...

There were a few competitions going on at the time but with the activities around I lost track about what was going on.

These pastries were nice as well. But it didn't go for free ...I think the barista needed a break ...Some competitors being interviewed ...Time to go, although there were a few more events going on ...I would definitely go there again next time. Hopefully not on a post-call day. The caffeine fix I had should keep me up tonight in time for the World Cup Finals ...

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Malaysia Coffee Fest 2018 Part I

Since downloading Facebook Local, looking for events to attend in town during weekends were that much easier. I didn't have to plan much despite this being post-call day. Left my car a Pavilion and I took the MRT to 1Utama. And I wasn't disappointed.

Looking down at the whole event from the upper floorCristo, the Italian blend offer a subscription-based service where the machine comes freeI had a few people recommending me VCR. I didn't get to sample it this time ..This would be the first time I attended the Malaysia Coffee Fest. Not really a big event but a packed one, held at the main lobby of 1Utama new wing over four days.

This being the last day, the place was packed and the barista competition were teaching the finale as well.

The Cristo machines looked to be a hitSamples which led me to drink too much ...Waiting for it to brewI spent about an hour there just looking around the rows of stalls, all selling coffee makers, coffee beans, introducing various method of brewing, some common, some not very ... There were also stalls selling tasty pasties. Plenty of things to sample.

By the time I took my fourth shot, I was really jacked up, blary eyed despite this being post-call. Some strong brew they got there.

Continued in part II here.

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Urbanscapes 2017

It was that time of the year again when Urbanscapes came to town. Not much of a frenzy this year. It may have been the economic slow down. It may also be because it was too near Ramadan. The event this year felt subdued compared to yesteryears.

But that did not mean that there was nothing happening.

Large format printingSome interesting lightworkThe notice was upIt was more of an art affair than performances. There was no concert in the middle of the town square like last year. It was a party atmosphere then. The event this time around were mainly indoors - at the aptly names Urbanscapes House., right by Medan Pasar.

I had only the chance to attend a couple of the sessions. First was having a look at some street photography exhibition, featuring works of local talent. Nice ...

Going upstairsMeeting the authorSome nice stripsThe second weekend I was there to attend a talk on the railway system in Johor. More about that one later.

I bought some comics, had a chat with a few of the vendors, listen in on a few dialoques and took some photographs. Space was at a premium, so not much food or drinks there. Not much open space to enjoy from years ago. It was party in the park atmosphere then.

"Sila selongkar"Some superhero stuffsMore happening downstairs I gather that some of the events were held at other venues scattered around town. There were a couple of guided photowalks which unfortunately I could not attend due to work. But overall, the organisers did cater for those keener to explore the town as urban dwellers and hopefully learn a bit more about the city they live in. Definitely would support it in the coming years and of course, the event had to adapt with changing times.

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