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It's Closing In

After planning for quite some time, it appear that everything is coming together nicely for the KLickr team. We would be having a tent - to be dubbed KLickr-ville - at Urbanscapes 2011 to be held at Padang Astaka PJ on Saturday. Praying for nice weather, from what we had seen so far, the tent is going to be huge - 40 by 40 feet. The other evening, we met up to finalise the plan as well as assigning the task for the day. We also talked about the budgeting and sponsorship. On the whole, I am pretty optimistic about this weekend.

All together, there would be four main facets to KLickr-ville. Each with their own unique role and attraction. There would be a total of three separate competitions on the day, although the one I would be running will have four winneres in the end. The would also be photoshow as you would expect, but with a twist. We will call this the 5 minutes Photo Express - more about that later. There will also be slideshows for events taken place in the recent past and also promoting our future activities. We would also be showing our past projects. There would be a charity portrait shoot which the participants would have to pay a nominal fee as entrance, and for which the taken portrait would be upload onto facebook for their friends to generate the number of likes. This will then double as a competition as the winner with the most number of likes on their uploaded portraits will then receive a prize.

There would also be sales of prints by KLick members. There would be vouchers given away for visitors to KLickr-ville as well other giveaways. There will also be a portrait-taking competitions where participants over a period of time would need to click away portraits of Urbascapes dwellers, and the participants with the most number of captures would win. In the evening, after sunset, there will be slideshows of all the photos taken during the day as KLickr-ville sail away through the night.

To recap - the four facets would be - competitions (three of them on the day), exhibitions of past events, the 5-minute Photo Express, and the charity Portrait shoots. I will go through each of these in the next few entries. Watch this space!

Pix of the site courtesy of Adi Arfan.

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