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KLPAC vs Astaka

This pics summed up Urbanscapes 2009, simple, cosy and funI went on quite a bit about how much I felt that transferring the Urbanscapes venue from KLPAC to Astaka in the previous entry. I personally felt that more or less, the event had lost its charm. The main difference was the fact that KLPAC offered an indoor facility. Having the event in a big was restrictive, especially if you depended on visual and audio projection for your presentation. At KLPAC, we would have been able to present using a proper soundstage and projector, away from the hustle and bustle of the loud PA system. Our presenter had to practically shout at the top of their voice to make their ideas to be heard, and it really spoilt their presentation. Not to mention also that the surrounding was too bright for their slides to project as intended. We had to move the projector forward nearer the screen and we ended with a tiny slideshows in the end. Not ideal.

At the KLickrVille, during the 5 Minute Photo Express

There was also the humidity and the heat. Indoor facilities at KLPAC offered air-conditioning, as well as proper toilets and most importantly, decent facility for solat. It was too loud at Astaka to do any of that. This certainly put a lot of people off. The Padang Astaka also felt too big and scarce, not the cosy green surrounding if KLPAC. There were plenty of trees there, and there were separate outdoor and indoor concert venue. We were lucky that there was no rain on the day. Rain is something one can cope with but imagine a heavy downpour, with lightning and thunder? Being in an open field was never a great idea. Some might argue that Astaka would be cheaper and hence the cost would not be transferred to the punters. Well, RM 40 for the entrance fee, plus RM 10 for a plain hotdog with a can of Coke was not exactly exactly cheap was it? I found the argument about cost a rather lame one. I believe that if the event was great, people would flock in. I remembered Urbanscapes being really a tight squeeze in 2009. There a charm in that.


Will I return for a similar event in 2012? Of course I would, but that would be to support local outdoor arts activities, something that I felt the great city of KL should embrace. It was clearly a better advertisement of 1Malaysia than any Government vehicles could offer. There were scattered murmuring of another event which happened the previous weekend - *cough* Bersih *cough* - but nobody, except for a guy in a Pikachu suit was wearing yellow. There was even a voter registration booth on site for good measure. Everything was peaceful, and it was a grand day out still. However, I might just hang around for a bit if the venue is Astaka. Should the venue return to KLPAC however, I would snatch for a ticket even today ........

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