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Looking Forward

After the busy month, with illness and weekend calls, I finally got a relatively free weekend coming up - although they were never completely free in my line of work. So, I was already stating to wind down even in the Friday afternoon.

We went out for dinner after work Friday, with the boys insisting on Chinese. KLCC was where we headed. And oh boy, did the boys love their Chinese food. We actually had to order extra. It was definitely worth the trip.

For the rest of the weekend, I will be joining my photography friends after work on Saturday, for the Scott Kelby Photo Walk. I attended it since 2009, helped organise it in 2010, but could only afford to be a participant forest year and this weekend due to work commitments.

This would be the fifth installment of the walk. In the years past, we were lucky that the weather had always been kind. The forecast for the weekend was not so great however. For the last week, KL had been having heavy downpours in late afternoons. And to make matters worst, there would be an event in the middle of KL town where a few of the main roads would be closed for the afternoon and evening! Traffic going to be a problem.

Therefore, I have decided to park my car at KLCC and take the public transport across. I would need a comfortable shoes then - and of course a full charge on my phone and camera.

For Sunday, I would have to go to Low Yat to make a survey. My Haematology Society was planning to buy a laptop. I did some survey a few months back but I was sure that the prices were already outdated. And it didn't take much of an excuse to convince me to go for another wall there. Strictly business of course.....

Looking forward to a full weekend.

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