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No Walk Today

The weather had been awful all day. And as I finished my clinic to get home to prepare for the photo walk, Anita called me to say that irfan had been crying all morning with a tooth ache. We needed to get him to a dentist.

Getting an emergency dental appointment on a Saturday afternoon at such short notice was never easy, let alone to ER somebody who could handle children. But we were in luck. Anita managed to get an appointment at 3pm at Great Eastern Mall.

And the dentist was a great one. Although Irfan was having his usual tantrum at the beginning, the dentist spent time with him and won him over. He tolerated his X-rays and had his fillings done, with minimal fuss. It was awesome. And Anita was pleased.

By the time it was over, it was already almost 5pm. It was still raining heavily outside. Even of I made it to the meeting point for the walk, with the wearer being this dull and wet, plus the fact that I did not know any of the group member, I decided against it. Spent the time with my boys instead. And we had tea at Alexis. Irfan hardly had anything to eat all day because of the ache, and finished his plate of pasta in record time.

Irfan was no longer in pain after the visit. We would definitely go back to see the same dentist if the boys had problems from now on.

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