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Hmm! Which One?

I was at Low Yat earlier this afternoon and had he chance to take a close look at the latest Samsung offering, the Note 2. A modest gunfire and clearly DiGi was pushing the product pretty strongly. They offered a 3 year package, where you take home the device for RM1399, plus a RM600 bill advanced payment. You would then had to pay RM88 for the data alone - 5Gb - monthly which is slightly more expensive than the current DiGi package I was grandfathered in. And the thought of having tonne tied down for a couple of years on a contract alone made me cringe.

It was a hard sell that the promoter made, but I was keener on the software than the hardware. I was trying to test the Jelly Bean, but the promoter kept on telling me about the magical thing the device could do. I could do those task better on a 7 inch tablet, but those were yet to run the new operating system except the Nexus 7.

And the problem with the Nexus 7 was the fact that it was wifi only. I want my tablet to be cellular.

One of my colleague - @palmdoc - carry the Tab 7.0 with him, and it looked quite handy. I held on to see what the Nexus 7 going to be like, and maybe a bit longer to see whether the iPad Mini would materialise. iPhone 5 was yet to interest me as I find the 4S more than adequate. I just wanted a 7 inch device I could carry in my labcoat, for me to access emails and various other app on a screen larger than my iPhone. The Note is big, but a 7 inch device would fare better. And I prefer to have an Android device along, just for the variation.

So, at the current rate, it looked like it was going to be the Nexus 7 as I have a debt wifi coverage at work. Hmmmm .... dilemma.

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