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Upon Reflection

I spent the morning drive listening to MacBreak Weekly on the podcast, listening to the analysis post-Apple announcement, and it was clear, the sheer number of product launched in the session was mind boggling. It seemed that there was a change of guard happening, with Tim Cook drawing the line on the ground, releasing all of Steve Jobs relics in he open.

The next batch of products would be under his watch, and for the time being, it allowed for a new start. And what an end it was! A fourth generation iPad - more of an internal rather than external evolution - the iPad Mini, the new iMac line as well as the 13 inch MacBook Pro. Add to that an improvement to the Mac Mini and other software updates, those folks at Infinity Loop had certainly been busy!

It seemed only last month that the iPod line-up was launched - on a similar platform to the iPhone 5 - and now, new stocks into the Apple Shop. I would be broke real soon!

I would definitely be eyeing the iMac, and maybe the Mini, just to see how it was like. The iPhone 5 may have to wait, as my next phone would likely be the Galaxy Note II to go along with my 4S. I need a bit of Google magic in my pocket, an a second phone was almost essential in my line of work.

I might actually buy the iPad Mini during my visit to the US, just for the fun of it :) and excuse to go to the Apple Store there I supposed.

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