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Foto by Haris

Since beginning of the year, I had been doing beta testing for my blog engine, SquareSpace. It was mainly for the need iteration, SquareSpace version 6. Certainly it was a departure from the software behind, which ran on version 5. I was offered to upgrade but decided otherwise. The current blog was already week customised, I couldn't be asked to spend the extra time doing the updating. The current routine works OK as far as I was concerned.

As a reward, I was given a free account. One of the thing I noticed about the new version was, it was platform agnostic. The website more or less looked the same no matter what device you use. It looked the same on the laptop, the iPad and even the iPhone. It also optimises itself for viewing on the Nexus 7. A sister website, was born.

The new version also has an excellent gallery feature for photographs. So, I decided to use that for a new gallery. I used to use another account for this but I found it to be rather cumbersome. With the new engine, I just upload it straight up and the website optimised itself. Less headache. I still use SmugMug for my repositories, and that would remain so for some time.

I actually starting to like the new version. It still took a bit of time to get used to things. Updating on the fly was still not possible as I used to do it. But the site definitely has potential .......

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