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Since I applied for a loan for the apartment, I was asked to attend a medical. And it was scheduled for this morning at one of the panel clinic. The one I picked was at Suria KLCC. It would involve a blood test, physical as well as exercise ECG. I hope I would be fit enough for the treadmill. Imagine if I were to vomit due to my ...... physical non-fitness.

For the blood test, I was asked fast overnight. I was allowed clear fluids, and I had been drinking since morning. I suspect that they would need a urine test as well. So, with the gallons of water I had been drinking, I needed to go the loo frequently. On the way to the clinic, traffic had not been kind. I had been stuck on the same spot for the last 20 minutes with my bladder almost bursting. Definitely my blood pressure would go up. No doubt about it. And the end was not in sight yet .......

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