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Am I Going Mad?

I'm glad that I do not have to go to school at this age.

I pity my children. They were burdened with exams from such young age. Look at Irfan. He is six, just done with his kindergarten. He had an exam at the end of it. And guess what, there were pressure on him to do well by a certain member of the family. Poor boy is only six for God's sake. And some of his classmates had been going to tuition since last year. We're talking starting at five years of age. To get them into the habit of studying? I hope not! I went to Med School because I like Medicine. Not because I like to read. I listen to books rather than read.

Then, there is the elder, Idlan. In Year Two. He did fine in the exam, but his Bahasa Malaysia was not the best. And he was given an essay to write? Have mercy. He speaks pristine English. In fact, his English is better than mine. He knows more Science and Maths than when I was at his age. The amount of pressure for him to do well was enormous. He got all A's apart from his Bahasa. I was more than happy. Unfortunately not for everyone.

When I was a Faculty Member at Universiti Malaya, I found hard to make sure that we have an interview on all the candidates coming into Medical School. I did when I went to Med School. And all I needed to get in was 3 B's in A level. But you have to have a certain soft skill to get in. That is more important than getting straight A's in my opinion. The ones which got all A's did not necessary became good Doctors, Engineers or Lawyers. They were just better at getting better grades in exams. I want people to get further educations because they wanted to, not because society tells them that they have to.

I tried hard not to emphasise exams on my boys. At a young age, they already had SIX assessment per year! SIX bloody assessment. I would go mad if I had to go through all that ....... In fact, I go mad just thinking about it ......

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