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Within the Marina Bay Sands Complex, there were a casino, a huge shopping mall, theaters, cinemas, an MRT station, as well as a museum. The museum caught my eyes as it was exhibiting artificers recovered from the Titanic. I just couldn't resist it.

As my boys were settled after the trip into town for shopping, I had a couple of hours to sneak out. I forked out the SGD24 for the ticket. And it was money well spent.

The exhibition showcased the big liner from the inception, right through the building, the famous tragedy as well as the aftermath. It introduced those who perished in the sinking, as well as the glory days of Trans-Atlantic traveling. Truly fascinating. And through to the Singaporean efficiency, it was very well presented and I have to admit, the artifacts from the bottom of the sea were the bonus. The exhibition would still be interesting without them.

The venue was also rather understated. It did not looks as big from the outside, but it was actually very roomy. I spent about an hour going around. At the entrance, I was given a boarding pass of a real passenger on the liner, and at the end, I got to learn their fate. My card was on a third-class passenger looking for a job in The States. He perished unfortunately.

At the same time, there was another exhibit on a different floor about time-pieces presented by Cartier. Not interested!

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