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After the Scifi area, it was Egypt. A huge indoor complex, with an indoor roller coaster, reputed to be the scariest. I wouldn't know because we did not step in. Instead, we lingered at the entrance and took another ride. It was an outdoor one, akin to the journey of Indiana Jones. A journey in a car, into caves and tunnels, with creepy crawly aplenty.

Nothing to shout about really, except that the queue was long, and the ride was short. Luckily with our express passes, we did not have to queue. We were led straight onto the car at the front of the queue. Well worth it.

Women has this effect on Idlan .... Goof boy!He was kinda popular with the ladies .....Waiting to get into our vehicle .... Let's roll!Indiana Jones time ....While there, we came across the Queen of Sheeba and a Prince. Tough looking guy, and rather popular with the ladies. I didn't understand why ....

Because the day was hot and the walk was long, Anita decided to have a change of footwear, and we also got a fan for each of the boys. It was filled with ice cold water which they spray onto their face.

Authentic stuff ....The guards .....Definitely not my kinda ride ....After a quick drink, it was time to move on. The Lost World beckoned ......

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