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Far Far Away

Finally we were there. Far Far Away. The mystical land where Shrek went to live and rule. It was fun. It was tacky. But that was it was supposed to be.

The first area we entered was supposed to be the Wicked Witches Hut. It turned out to be a gift shop. But you could get yourself exclusive stuffs here. And I spent more than SG 150 on gifts and toys. There was a small ferry's wheel which we queued up for. A small one. The kids seemed to enjoy it. You would be treated by the sight of Puss-in-Boots hanging right in the middle of the wheel. A nice touch.

The entrance was unmistakeableInside the Wicked Witch Hut, where the potions were made. A rather nice surprise in every cornerCome here pussy, pussy, pussy .....There was also one of the more popular ride here, The 4D. Unfortunately Puan Anita wasn't really keen on that. So we gave that one a miss. Next door was Shrek's house as well a few other restaurants and shops.

A popular ride this one. The queue was long ....Meanwhile, at the swamp ....I wished that Shrek and Fiona would make an appearance here. But obviously we were too early. Oh well! We could've stayed longer but the pull of Madagascar next door proved too much.

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