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Argh! Migraine!

I do suffer from migraine. I get the odd attack once or twice every six months. Not that bad, in a sense that I never needed regular medications. I tended to get the aura of zigzag lines running through my eyes before the headache sets in.

Unfortunately, I suffered an attack just now, as soon as we arrived at Bangsar Shopping Center. I could see on the left lower field, and spent about 20 minutes on the chair above, eyes shut.

What I saw when I opened my eyesThe aura came and faded, and before long, pain on my right temple set in. Usually, I took some paracetamol during the aura, making the headache more bearable. But not during Ramadhan. Luckily, the headache wasn't that bad, although my head felt heavy ever since.

I think the trigger this time could be dehydration. I shall remember to drink a bit more tonight after iftar.

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