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Dinner in Bed

After a whole day of babysitting, both myself and the boys were getting restless. Anita also had a long day, spending much of her time earlier today when she was out fought in traffic. Even though she was taken by a driver, it was still frustrating when she only managed to go to one destination all day. And worst thing was, she did not manage to find the clothes that she wanted.

It was never a good idea going out shopping on a public holiday - even though Kuala Lumpur was business as usual - this close to the Eid. Even at 10 am, central KL was already packed, both on the road and LRT. I made the right decision not to go out ….. Imagine having the two grumpy boys along with you on a hot day!

The street was lit up to the Raya grooveA nice time to stroll as the place was not packed during weekdaysSo, come the evening, we went out to The Curve after iftar for a bit fresh air and of course supper. It was not that packed as it was close to 9 pm when we settled into the restaurant - The Apartment. The iftar crowd had already left. Car park was relatively empty already.

The lights were already up, and with the nice cool early evening weather, it was a nice outing. Food was not that bad either, as the tangerine cooler - my favourite - watched down very nicely. I was already full, and only ordered some salad. The boys had their dinner, in bed!

Irfan lying on the bedI was not joking .....Hmmm! Not sure what to order .....Maybe I get to stir Dad's coolers In the interior, some of the table had beds as their seats, and it was not long before Irfan took off his shoes and started jumping up and down on the bed. Thank God, there were not many people in there, as most of them were in the terrace outside.

Some salad of course .....We finally left after 10 pm when the shopping mall entrance was about to be closed - the mall closes at 10, restaurant and bars stayed open until midnight. We then took the long route back home on the drive ….

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